Family Testimonials

ELC Family Testimonies

The Lewis Family

My child has learned great social skills. She is learning how to deal with her emotions in a healthy manner. Also she has learned so much and she already knows most of the things she will learn in kindergarten. This jump start into her school year is something I couldn't put a price on.

The Viswanathan Family

She has learned leaps and bounds since the beginning of school. Patience, determination, perseverance, social skills and academic are a few of the major areas we have seen improvement.

The Braga Family

He has really opened up to making new friends and his writing skills have definitely improved. He is more expressive in his feelings and loves his teachers and classmates! I believe this school has really helped my son.

The Bellucci Family

We love it at ELC! This will be my child’s last year and we will be so sad to go. I feel like the staff has helped him become more than ready for Kindergarten! I have really enjoyed watching the kiddos learn at all the new stations. It makes the after school conversations so interesting!

I can’t say enough how the teachers big hearts shine through in these kids! One of my favorite parts of this year was when my son read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and sounded just like Ms. Bre! I loved hearing him recite the story different than how we read it!!

I think it’s important for the kids to be ready for kindergarten socially and academically and I think ELC does a great job of preparing them.

The Crowe Family

We have had the best and most positive experience with everyone at ELC. Our son loves playing at school, which is awesome to me because he doesn't realize he is learning through playing. He just thinks he is playing with his friends and teachers. He used to be shy and was hesitant to leave my side when we were in social settings. Now he knows how to introduce himself and isn't scared to be in new social settings. This is something we were really excited to see change in him. I like that the teachers work with the parents and set goals for each child. Then when the goals are accomplished they set new ones. I think it is a great stepping stone between being home with parents and being in school full time.

The Armstrong Family

Our son loves the dramatic play centers and circle time. At the beginning of the year he had a very difficult time expressing his feelings. He has learned how to convey what he is feeling and why in a much more effective and positive way. I have watched him grow so much and I truly feel that is due in part to his preschool program. I like that there is learning through guided play. I appreciate the fact that he is given options and has the opportunity to make some of his own choices while learning. I fee like preschool is a very important tool to prepare a child for their learning career.

Preschool helps them to find and discover a love and passion for learning.

The Kettinger Family

My son enjoys the one-on-one teaching that is provided to him. This is the first year my son has attended any type of structured school. He thrives on the teaching method and he has learned a lot. He can count, his speech has improved, he listens better, and he is more confident socially.

ELC is great preschool because the teaching method they provide. They are thorough with every detail in the curriculum and are teaching in a great way.

The Herron Family

We love sending Rylee to ELC, we truly trust them with her care and they treat her so well!

She loves going to school and is sad when it isn’t a school day for her! She is now able to recite the alphabet and count to 10 along with counting objects! She started ELC unable to do either of those! I love the variety in the days and schedules so it fits more families. I also love the classroom environment and feel preschool is very important to teach children social and educational skills that are key to being successful in kindergarten!

The Reed Family

Our son loves getting to be with other kids. He also loves showing off what he is learning and telling me about his day. He is attempting to sound out words by looking at the letters and making their sounds. He isn't quite reading, but ELC is preparing him for success when he does start.

Preschool was essential for us, as our son is an only child and spent all of his time with adults. He needed the interaction with peers to prepare him for school and to receive the academic preparation in a setting that we couldn't provide at home. ELC has worked with us, been open and honest, and allowed us to make the best decisions possible for our child's future. They have always listened to our concerns and helped us find solutions.

The Cridlin Family

Our daughter loves playing with friends. We love the great loving relationships with staff.

Last year she barely recognized letters or numbers. This year she knows them all and is learning to sound out words.

They prepared my child for kindergarten and create such a great community feeling among their kids, staff and parents!

The Ciesialka Family

My daughter likes everything about being at school. There is always something new and exciting to keep the attention of a 5 year old. They make learning really fun. Within 3 days if her first year at ELC my daughter wrote her name. She is now on her 2nd year and is writing until 12 all on her own and recognizing words and is adding numbers on her own. I like that ELC is here in a public school envioronment to teach them about what being in school is all about.

I also love that it is affordable for the average family.

The Brindley Family

My child has a great bond with her teachers and friends. She loves everything but has told me that she really likes minds in motion days, story time and learning new letters and words each week. Stori's success story involves learning to be kind to others. She is an only child and before ELC, she struggled with sharing and focusing on others more then herself. She has many success stories but the one that stands out is when she came home telling me that her friend dropped her pizza and Stori said she told that teacher that her friend could have her piece because she wanted to be kind and didn't want her friend to be upset. That was a huge improvement for Stori and made me so proud and let me know that the ELC was exceeding my expectations, by not only teaching her what she needs to know for school, but also the right way to treat others.

I like everything about the ELC and believe preschool is important to help get a child ready and prepared for kindergarten and each grade beyond that. Instead of jumping right into required school, she is now prepared with the social skills and educational skills to help put her on a path of success in the years to come, and for small families like ours it's so important for her to know she has bigger support system then just her father and I. It has built trust, confidence and excitement in creating relationships with her teachers and classmates to help her through this educational journey. Preschool helps secure the foundation a child needs academically and socially excel in life.

The Beaman Family

Our son is excited to go to school every morning and misses it on the weekends. Cole has become much more outgowing this year. He has learned so much. I am so thrilled with my ELC experience. The staff is friendly, outgoing, and you can tell they love children and seeing them learn. The communication has been great. I ADORE the pictures and videos sent throughout the day. Cole is learning through play and experience.

The Bates Family

My child loves going to school and loves his teachers and friends! My son is super shy outside of school. You could never tell this once he enters his class! His teachers are so inviting. As a teacher myself, I think preschool is a very important part of a child's education. They need to learn the basic socialization skills and how to follow directions before they enter elementary school. I have been so pleased with my experience that I have shared this with other teachers and have encouraged them to enroll their child at ELC.

The Denney Family

We like SO many things about ELC! I love the peaceful and positive feeling I get in the classroom. I love the variety of projects and lessons that are being taught. My son loves the variety he experiences at school! Music, cooking, computers, gym, science experiments, art projects, and a room full of awesome things to play with! He enjoys the other kids in his class and enjoys working with the different teachers. I think the kids in our son's class are just about the best bunch of kids ever! They are all so bright and friendly and I know that the environment at ELC really cultivates that in them. I think his experience has been an all around success! At home we have seen HUGE improvement in his letter recognition and hand-writing. He had zero interest in practice prior to ELC and now attempts to write words for me or asks how things are spelled. We really feel like the teachers appreciate that each child meets social and emotional milestones at a different rate and our child needs more focused attention on coping and working towards that goal. I love being involved with class parties and connecting with the staff and other parents as well. We feel like preschool is so important now with the rigorous kindergarten requirements so that our child is academically prepared, but preschool is also a great place for him to work through the social skills and learn how to fit into a group of students.

The Dexter Family

We love interacting with our daughter’s amazing teachers. They show her so much love. She comes home singing the songs. She is better prepared for kindergarten than she was before we started. Communication and teacher support is very strong, even going over and beyond for the students.

The Stalbaum Family

My son loves learning at preschool. He tells us all about the information given by his teachers. He won't sit to read a picture book with us at home, but will if he is at school. Before ELC, I was concerned that he had no interest in learning, as he outwardly refuses to participate in educational times at home.

ELC Preschool has made him realize that learning is fun, and he is now starting to read with me more and more. He even tries to write his letters during homework time with his big brother. Preschool is the foundation for a successful academic career, and ELC provides a rich foundation for students to build upon when they enter kindergarten.

The Lawless Family

I like the warm and inviting atmosphere created at ELC. It is clear that a lot of time and effort when into every aspect of the program. I know that creating meaningful and effective programs is not easy but you make it look effortless. I really like how the teachers communicate through the SeeSaw App. It is so nice to have that interaction and see the pictures. His favorite part of school is playing with his friends. I like hearing him reference academic skills we have not focused on at home. In a short time he has picked up the academic standards that are essential in preschool. I know he still has a way to go to be ready for kindergarten but I feel that for just turning four, he is making great progress.

The Bryson Family

Our daughter loves going to school to see her friends and teachers. She is always excited to tell us what she did when she comes home. She has learned a lot since joining preschool. We had concerns starting her due to some anxiety, but it does not seem to be the case while she is there at all! I enjoy the daily updates on the Seesaw app with what is going on in the classroom and also extending it to what can be done at home to help. Preschool is important to prepare a child for the upcoming academic requirements and social interactions. I believe ELC does a wonderful job helping the children get prepared for both aspects.

The Ross Family

Joe enjoys playing with friends, crafts, and centers. Joe's academic knowledge has increased. At home, I was concerned for his fine motor skills, but have been so pleased that he has been working on these skills at school, and these skills have improved. He is also beginning to use self-calming strategies at home. I think the social-emotional development of young children is important, and I am so pleased that ELC focuses on this area of development. I feel that these skills are so important for school (as well as academics), and many programs do not focus on this area of development. I feel that there are many pressures on children in school, and we chose ELC because of the focus on social-emotional skills, so our son could learn to cope with his emotions and socialize appropriately with peers. I think preschool provides a strong foundation for children, both academically and socially, as they prepare for kindergarten. I love that ELC provides the children with a school family, and loving environment prior to kindergarten. The teachers are caring, and knowledgeable, and clearly want the best, and want to do the best, for children. They know my son well, and he adores his teachers.

The Woods Family

My son really enjoys socializing with kids his age and the activities the teachers plan. Since he is very young, I really appreciate how the teachers are more focused on his social skills and not pushing academics hard.

They do a great job of finding small skills that he can use to set goals and they are appropriate for his age.

The Pardue Family

My child loves the social interaction with his peers. He also loves his teachers; they are the best! ELC Preschool has really helped Jaybri play well with his peers. It has helped him develop structure and consistency in his life. His speech and communication skills have greatly improved . He is learning at an age appropriate level. We are so happy to be a part of such quality preschool!

The Ratzman Family

My child loves learning about the letters, numbers and all the activities. Through preschool, he now loves school, is excited to go, and talks about his friends!

With today's standards, kindergarteners don't get the opportunity just to experience school. With ELC preschool, students get the opportunity to learn social interaction and learn concepts with highly engaging experiences!