Social-Emotional Curriculum

Conscious Discipline

ELC uses Conscious Discipline as our main social-emotional curriculum. Conscious Discipline integrates classroom management and social-emotional learning. Adults and children partner together to respond to conflict, learn critical life skills and encouraging children to be a part of a school family. A school family builds connections between all involved (children, parents, teachers, etc) to ensure optimal development for all. Conscious Discipline curriculum doesn't need to stop at school, either. There are many valuable parent resources on the Conscious Discipline website, and we encourage our families to check them out!

Second Step

We also use Second Step, Early Learning Curriculum as part of our daily circle time. Second Step teaches and promotes social-emotional development by focusing on weekly themes, such as skills for learning, empathy, emotion management, friendship skills and problem solving, and transitioning to kindergarten. This curriculum helps teach children to listen, pay attention, control behaviors, get along with others, and prepares them for social skills necessary for success in kindergarten.

Zones of Regulation

The Zones of Regulation is a curriculum for teaching children strategies for emotional and sensory self-management. The Zones approach uses four colors (blue, green, yellow and red) to help children identify how they are feeling in the moment and guide them to strategies to support regulation. All of the zones are natural to experience, but the framework focuses on teaching children how to recognize and manage their zone based on the environment and people around them.