Language Curriculum

Language Curriculum


Orton-Gillingham is a teaching approach designed to help all readers and pre-readers. Orton–Gillingham teaches the connections between sounds and letters. It pioneered the “multisensory” approach to teaching reading. The essential elements of the Orton Gillingham Approach are: Multisensory, Phonetic-Alphabetic, Synthetic-Analytic, Structured, Repetitive, and Diagnostic.


Heggerty is a Phonemic Awareness Curriculum. These pre-kindergarten lessons use nursery rhymes to introduce three, four, and five year old students to language play. The lessons include daily phonemic awareness skill building lessons. Each pre-kindergarten lesson also includes some fun ideas for incorporating phonemic awareness into daily activity center time. By the end of preschool your students will begin to build a repertoire of classic nursery rhymes as they learn to enjoy language play!

Indy Learning Team

We also partner with The Indy Learning Team to ensure that we are being intentional with the language skills we are teaching our preschoolers. They provide us with access to evidence-based literacy training and instruction so students have strong literacy foundation and communities develop literacy resources.

Handwriting Without Tears

Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) teaches children in a developmental teaching sequence, making it more appropriate for young children. HWT uses terms such as big line, little line, big curve, little curve, to help children learn how to form shapes and letters. Easy letters are taught first and taught together with letters with similar stroke patterns. Because of this sequence, children gain confidence because they are able to master writing skills easier and more quickly.