Family Testimonies

Klein Family

"Lucas is in year two of preschool with ELC and wakes up every morning excited for school. In his first year, Lucas learned how to write his name, count to 30, and identify every letter and letter sound. More importantly than academics, Lucas feels loved by his teachers at school. He tells us that his teachers are his best friends and refers to his “school family” often.

What I love about the teachers at ELC is that they adapt to the students’ interests. When the children found a praying mantis outside during recess, the teachers quickly updated the science center to include a habitat for the praying mantis. The children learned all about what a praying mantis eats and how it survives outside. We can’t wait until our daughter is old enough to join ELC, too. I am at ease with Lucas going to kindergarten next school year because his teachers have prepared him well. We love ELC!"

Woods Family

"My son really enjoys socializing with kids his age and the activities the teachers plan. Since he is very young, I really appreciate how the teachers are more focused on his social skills and not pushing academics hard.

They do a great job of finding small skills that he can use to set goals and they are appropriate for his age."

Braga Family

"He has really opened up to making new friends and his writing skills have definitely improved. He is more expressive in his feelings and loves his teachers and classmates! I believe this school has really helped my son."

Muller Family

"As a parent and an educator the ELC program continues to exceed my expectations of a preschool program. My son had the opportunity to go through it last year and now my daughter is enrolled this year. We could not be happier with our decision. Not only does this program prepare them academically, but we have seen the ways it prepares kids socially and behaviorally too. It is clear the ELC students have been in a well-structured environment. The teachers do a great job of preparing them using a well thought out curriculum and fun engaging activities. They are dedicated and truly care about their students. I would highly recommend this program for any family with a preschooler."

Hollman Family

"This is our second year with ELC and we could not be more happy with them. The school staff is so welcoming, understanding and inclusive to all the children. My daughter absolutely loves going to school everyday and is always so sad to leave at the end of the day. The teachers have worked with her throughout the last year to help her be her best self while making sure she enjoys herself and finds a passion for learning."

Pierle Family

We have had both of our boys in ELC and I could not be happier. As a teacher, academics are important, but I am far more interested in developing my boy’s social/emotional skills. ELC has not only fostered a love of academics in a variety of ways, but have offered many opportunities for my children to learn and practice appropriate behavior, showing compassion, kindness, and being a good friend. My overall goal for my children is that they grow up in an environment where they know they are loved, valued, and important and show those characteristics to others, and ELC has contributed greatly to that. I am continually blown away at the way my children are engaged, the activities they get to participate in, and how wonderful their curriculum is. My boys adore their teachers and love going to school. We are so thankful we have been able to put our children in the ELC program!