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Scholarship Information


ELC provides scholarships* that are available to Greenwood families that have a four year old child attending half-day preschool and that meet federal income requirements.
Scholarship money is provided through fundraisers, grants, and private donations.
Scholarships are available by a first come first serve basis and are awarded at the beginning of each school year. The availability and quantity of scholarships vary year to year.
Scholarship applicants must also fill out the registration form and are still responsible for the $50 registration fee.


You may apply for a scholarship if:
~ You have a financial hardship/need.
~ Your child is 4 or 5 and will be attending kindergarten after this year in preschool.
~ You live in Johnson County / your child will be attending a school in Johnson County.
~ Your child is attending a half-day preschool program at ELC. 


You may apply for a scholarship, by filling out this application. Once all applications have been submitted, those awarded a scholarship will be notified before the school year begins.  If you have any questions, please contact us
ELC also accepts Child Care Development Fund (CCDF ) vouchers for the Full Day program at Northeast.


*Scholarships are limited